Originally founded to do advanced research in Artificial Intelligence and 3D Modeling technologies, the company has partnered with Yu-kai Chou, who has been rated globally as the top expert in Gamification. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

What Makes Morf Media Unique? Morf Media is the leading provider of simulation-based, gamified training solutions. By using Morf Media’s Training Platform “GILS” (Gamified Intelligent Learning System), training professionals can quickly and easily turn dry, complex training material into fun and productive learning experiences. Corporate employees no longer need to spend boring hours reading long documents or sitting in classroom settings worrying about the work waiting for them back at their desks.

Morf Media’s GILS Platform provides employees with training in the form of simulations so that employees don’t just study via rote memorization but truly come to understand the concepts being studied.

The GILS Platform delivers its simulation-based training sessions on employees’ smartphones, tablets or computers, thereby enabling employees to “play” with the study material anywhere, anytime.

The GILS’s training sessions work like mobile games. The study material is delivered in 3-5 minute simulation segments covering all the key topics needed to be taught. Employees can create avatars for role play and the system provides coaches to help explain concepts in many different ways to ensure understanding.

The GILS Platform utilizes highly-advanced game design, social mechanics, behavorial science and immersive technologies in order to deliver the most effective and innovative corporate training product on the market today.

For employers, the GILS Platform delivers data to help companies identify employees’ strengths, areas of opportunity, and compliance with training requirements. It also provides training audit trails should these become necessary to demonstrate that mandated trainings have been performed.

And the GILS Platform readily integrates with Active Directory and popular HR Management and CRM systems.

Morf Media and its patent-pending GILS Platform have received the Red Herring Award.